Student Loan In School Deferment

Student Loan In School Deferment

How to Use the In School Deferment

In school deferment allows you to temporarily suspend payments on your student loans while you are in school. Your “in school” status is triggered by enrolling at least half time in an eligible institution. To begin an in school deferment, you must submit a request through your lender. 

Qualifying for In School Deferment

To qualify for an in school deferment you submit a form to your lender. You must be enrolled in an eligible institution – most college students and graduate students meet this requirement. If you’re not sure if your school qualifies, ask the financial aid office. You can also visit the Department of Education’s website and search for a list of schools eligible to receive Federal funds. There are many inside and outside of the United States.
Ask your school’s financial aid office whether or not you qualify as “half time” or more.
Your lender may request any additional documentation that they feel is necessary, so be prepared to back up any claims you’re making.

Length of Deferment

Your deferment will last as long as you meet the requirements. Once you fall below half time enrollment (or reach your expected graduation date) your deferment should end.

Applying for Deferment

To apply for an in school deferment, ask your lender for a form. Somebody at your school will need to complete a section of the form or attach documentation to prove that you qualify.

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