Insurance Fraud 1.Faked Death

Insurance Fraud 1.Faked Death
Insurance fraud crimes committed every day. All parts of the world, and evil people in insurance money and free money in the cooking and planning can be raised by Believe. Some of criminals were arrested, some compensation that are not displayed where to escape. But however, crime does not pay. In whatever form, whether large or small, crime is a crime and the criminal is guilty.
This real life story of crime and the highest life busier than before is one of insurance.Sunn two (not her real name) Asian business was good. About the age of 28, was married and the father of 2 children, his biological mother, who was 49 years. One day, a sales car insurance Sunn two came and advised him about insurance. It was on this basis, life insurance and his mother and himself for half a million dollars worth of money donations. , And then pay a monthly insurance premium based on continued.To pay premiums on a regular basis two years later, he was assured yesterday how he can deceive the insurance company to invent a trick.
First I took out his mother in the United States of America for his uncle in the country under false identity. Then they came back and people have announced that her mother died. What baffled most popular newspaper in and put to death and her mother's death from a death certificate was found. Then the support of every believer.People are surprised at this iteration insurance company. They sent some people to visit family unit Sunn two, but there is, closed door meeting with the neighbors and when you ask and he was surprised with neighboring countries when they tried to condole and met with eyes of hatred. When he asked one of its neighbors that when a woman's death, the death of a woman I did not know and that he saw a woman has a daughter, traveling clothes brought in the mood, and He has not returned to her home.
I This information was suspected of insurance. But two investigators to detect this particular case. For investigation of insurance village or two to the Sunn. To get there, the woman in an interview with news surprised by elders and told them they were only hearing from him. Were in a state of mourning over the place throughout the village.And investigators and insurance, ask to get on his back, and two Sunn, I, where her mother's body happened when he told them he was buried, and asked him why that the village elders and women's death was to do so without informing. He told them that her mother's last request that his death was buried in this place should because a local family of the victim's body did not want to pay customs. However, he said when I asked him, including his burial site immediately so that it will not be able to take, and their third day of a given date.Some people are restless, and that, so are born evil, evil, and love breeds love. And discussed her work objectionable wire that is a crime with another criminal case has the added, and instead of being need to be protected from discovery and dilemma Another task is to join, and so on and so ahead.
Sunn in a moment the two were found cheating on his wife was buried on site to investigate the heart, and with some people who work there arranged. They really old women, for new institutions and was buried, and then they grave to mark a civilized arranged. All the dead of night to avoid any witness stare was there.
Third day, he buried his mother from the perspective of two Sunn confirmation went with investigators. Stomach, when he commented on the Sunn two recent attention from the grave that he did it because it only has enough funds to do so.All that is worth is worth doing well. Protection period for investigators presented their report and suggested that exhumation of remains for final confirmation. Correctly on that, they got permission from the competent authority and took the body and saw Decaying body. But as he worried that other investigations to identify any form of not, what can I face teeth? Visit a local woman's body approval and decomposed matter was last before a dentist for dental pain is not, there is no date dentistry.
Since it is confirmed that the woman was shot and directed by the body and said that no option other than insurance for women insurance to pay the full amount.After payment of compensation, commission and insurance company insurance investigation after meeting senior management to continue its investigations of two given mandate until they are completely satisfied.Now, Sunn, heart equipment to plot the two that is successful without it was his call, and shops and homes insurance investigators electronically bugged by this conversation to eavesdrop.When I first victory of the United States in the United States contacted her uncle. Speaking from her uncle, and his mother asked.After three days, and I went to the phone booth and students interacted with the run. This, after checking through, found that the number of Americans in the United States used to call his uncle. More about this issue because of doubts. Because he and the public phone booth was using to say and refused to use the phone? Who is invited? What is the substance of negotiations?
The next issue of the insurance investigators to talk to two of a Sunn all public telephones in the area not used once. Luck was with them as they use in the phone booth eavesdropping within a week of making long distance calls again, and to record the conversation and were able to find that the other party and one in the mother - was supposedly dead woman to ensure safe amount paid.The Department of Insurance investigators details - records of discussions, the United States, where two Sunn a phone call with her mother to the United States and the title track.
And an international crime situation was because his uncle Sunn had a hand in two cases, who cooked for the plot from the start before it had an insurance policy. Each of them are round and the action of the law.
However, the biological daughter of women's sport was used by the type of did not know. No he did not know that he is dead, knowing that any sign erected by this, while he is still alive and kicking was announced.
The dark heart that some people can go for money and is far. Annual insurance companies in insuranceinsurance sector billions of dollars lost through fraud. Some companies play a range of measures have turned in, they always think they are scot free, but generally most were arrested at the end, nothing close to perfect - what conspiracy as can be.
You introduce, which will identify the author and source of writing I can take advantage. Source to remain active wherever you are using must write it up. For more information about insurance to take

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  1. Everyday we do came to know about insurance fraud that people commit. I am extremely surprised after reading the story that you have posted above. For money people can go up to such limit and insurance companies have to face huge amount of loss.
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